Veronique Jansen is a Dutch visual storyteller, specializing in human stories. Based in Hilversum she graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2020. She is actually working as a photographer, a curator and communications adviser.


– New work presented at the Hilversum Library (27 December till 12 April 2022)
– Pop-up gallery Art Hilversum (December 2021)

Veronique Jansen meets people in her immediate vicinity. Resilient people with touching stories. Cataphote reflects her ‘quest’, in a sense serving as a mirror for her actions as an image-maker, in search for the balance between her subject and herself as the creator and a human being. Cataphote is her report.
– Outdoor Art of Hilversum, check the tour (January 2021)
– Museum Hilversum, Hilversum (10 December 2020 till 31 January 2021)
– Interlude, The Photo Academy, Sarphatistraat 35, 1018 EV Amsterdam (5 November till 16 May 2021)
Interlude, Loods 6, Amsterdam, check the virtuele tour and livestream (23 till 25 October 2020)

I will not be shamed
Museum Hilversum (January till March 2018)
I portrayed proud young women. The typical girls next door; powerful, beautiful women with their own identity making their own choices no longer accepting to be shamed! These portraits were made in collaboration with students from Het Comenius College in Hilversum. The project was part of the educational program for young people. Announcement.

Fotogram talent exhibition, Amsterdam (September 2016)

Wiki Loves
Photo exhibition, 3rd prize Wiki Loves Monuments at the Wikimedia Netherlands Conference 2013

Curatorships and projects

– Zilveren Camera (traveling exhibition) – Managing and curating the exhibition Zilveren Camera at different locations (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).
– PANdemIC – Curator exhibition PANdemIC, Museum Hilversum (June & July 2020)
– Nude Now – Curator exhibition Nude Now with Roy Kahmann and Kahmann Gallery (June & July 2019)
– News Festival – Project manager News Festival, Museum Hilversum (2017, 2018, 2019)
– Spotlight – Curator exhibition Spotlight, Museum Hilversum (July & August 2018)
Collective exhibition with works by Paul Huf, Sacha de Boer, Govert de Roos and William Rutten. The exhibition shows the development of photography in relation to television culture through artistic photographs.
– Tussen Vrede en Oorlog – Curator exhibition ‘Tussen Vrede en Oorlog’, Museum Hilversum (2015)
The exhibition told the story of Hilversum during World War II and showed the war in Gaza through the lens of Mariëlle van Uitert. The exhibition shows the value of peace and the fact that war is unfortunately still an everyday reality. People submitted personal images from the Second World War and stories were retrieved.
– Cultural heritage ambassador – initiator Jong Dudok Route Liebergen, UAR Hilversum app (Urban Augmented Reality), icon films Hilversum, publication Ons Thuis, chief editor magazine Dudok Wonen, publication monuments of Dudok, texts in permanent exhibition The Life and work of Dudok in the Dudok Architectuur Centrum, exhibition Stille getuigen Liebergen and Vertrouwd Wonen in the Hilversum Town Hall 2010 – 2016.


Cataphote (2020)
Cataphote takes you through a kaleidoscope of stories. Meetings with five people from my area. Ben, Emma, ​​Karen, Maya and Willem, resilient people with stories that touch.

Jury Memberships

– Jury member and manager Zilveren Camera Junior (2019, 2020)
– Photo reviews Photoclub Perspectief and Photoclub Argentum (2018 2019, 2020)
– Jury member Photo Nationaal, Photobond (2017, 2018)
– Member ballotage for the predicate BondsMeesterKlasse, Photobond (2017, 2021)